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The Star Trek television series and films use the term "warp drive" to describe their method of faster-than-light travel. Neither the Alcubierre theory, nor anything similar, existed when the series was conceived—the term "warp drive" and general concept originated with John W. Campbell 's 1931 science fiction novel Islands of Space . [44]

Science analysis. Star Trek has been analyzed by real world scientists. In The Physics of Star Trek by Lawrence M. Krauss, which includes a foreword by Stephen Hawking, the show's presentation of faster than light travel, what the show calls "warp drive" is discussed including going warp 10. According to the scale presented in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Warp 10 … The loss of warp drive, if that is something that has happened, is surely related to the Burn. That may simply be the name that the Federation and its now-separated parts use to describe some event that rendered subspace and warp drive unusable. However, there are possible explanations for what could have caused this based on past Star Trek 2/27/2009 That's a statement from the 100 Year Starship organization, a think tank devoted to making Earth what "Star Trek" would call a "warp-capable civilization" within a century. The first step toward a functional warp drive is to prove that a "warp bubble" is … 10/13/2019 11/23/2009

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7/29/2011 Quoting from the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd Edition) The council further ordered Federation ships throughout the galaxy to restrict their maximum speed to warp 4.7. (TNG: Force of Nature). The Starship Enterprise-D and other ships observed the "warp speed limit" for the remainder of Star Trek: The Next Generation. 8/12/2019


Sep 8, 2016 The Science Sticklers Who Kept Star Trek in Line the crew slipped into convenient slots for everything from readouts to meals? We likely won't see faster-than-light travel, aka “warp drive,” Jan 19, 2021 James T. Kirk; “Warp Speed” is also a Star Trek reference. efforts, the vaccine clinic was steadily booking all 700 slots it had each day. Then 

The phrase 'warp drive' didn't originate in Star Trek, but in 1948 short story 'The Flight of the Starling'. We delve into the tale that coined the term.

Star Trek Slots. 111,910 likes · 12 talking about this. Play real Star Trek casino slot machines for free! Engage in battles and explore the universe with Star Trek Slots! First up is the Star Trek logo symbol which is the wild card and appears on all but the first reel. It is accompanied by the Warp Drive scatter symbol which awards a pay out of its own and also starts the free spins rounds. WOW. Thanks for the 100,000 views!Star Trek Warp Drive A damage report reveals that the warp drive has been disabled as have the shields and all other subspace systems – the Enterprise has now fallen to the same fate as the Ferengi ship. An unidentified vessel now approaches the Enterprise with two lifeforms aboard and the transporters of the vessel are initiated.

The Star Trek warp drive is a fictitious propulsion system which allows space craft in Star Trek to travel at velocities faster than light. The warp drive does not break the laws of physics because instead of actually traveling faster than light, it simply bends the space time around the space craft which results in faster than light travel.

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